Notice for Chinese Spring Festival!!!!!

Date:2011 - 12 - 13 14:27:32

To : All Valuable Customers

Chinese Spring Festival is draw near !

In order to arrange work and business better during holiday, please notice our holiday arrange as follows:

Our holiday is from Jan. 18th to Jan. 30th  2012 all the orders during this time period will be delayed to be processed until we resume work on Jan. 31st  2012
International delivery will be broken off from Jan 17th  to Feb 1st ,please stock up in advance , so we can have enough time to arrange shipment before the holiday .
On Jan 15h (Sunday), we will work as usual .
If you have any questions during the holiday, please kindly send E-mails to SALES@TMFAS.COM or TOPMAX88@GMAIL.COM ,we will reply you as soon as we come back.
We would like to wish you a joyous new year and express our hope for your happiness and good future.

Sincerely yours,